Demolition - Existence

In 1996 Demolition formed in Austria and after two year they manage
to record and release their debut album through their own label "DN
Records". Then, after three years (2001) they released their second album
through Gutter Records. Now it is time for their third strike which is
coming out again from DN Recs. "Existence" is the title of it and in the
copy that I have, only seven of the ten songs can be found. When I read
their biography and I see how many bands they had support, I lost the count,
some of them are: Dio, Manowar, Saxon, Overkill, Annihilator, Destruction,
Kreator, Sodom, Mystic Cirlce, Soilwork and many more. So, from these bands
you can easily realize that they prefer thrash metal with some melodic tunes
and some really fast parts. Besides, they have supported the three most
famous thrash metal bands in Europe (Sodom, Kreator, and Destruction) plus
the most well-known thrash metal band from Canada (Annihilator). Generally
the band has many experiences from these live shows and this thing can be
perceived while you hear their music. Really good guitar riffs, extreme
vocals and excellent production. Hopefully, they will find soon a bigger
label to release the next album.

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Reviewer: Antonis Maglaras
Rating: 4,5/6
Added: October 7th 2004