Status: Active
Country: Austria
Active From:  1996-present
Genre: Thrash Metal
Style: Old School


DEMOLITION hailing from Austria are not just another boring band in this landscape of metal. DEMOLITION is the attack, bring the aggression of pure Thrash Metal with the melodic aspect of Heavy Metal together. Therefor, I am not alone with these oppinion. Or what you think is band, released a self financed Demo-CD yet (which is very impressive, check out "In The Beginning") and shared the stage with bands like Manowar, W.A.S.P., Sodom, Mercyful Fate, Saxon, Labyrinth, Edguy, Nevermore or Lefay to name just a few and went on the road together with fuckin Overkill and Annihilator. What must be behind this thing? - For sure some connections, but also great music and a professional acting on stage. Believe me, DEMOLITION are real metalheads and blow down all the things standing in the line!

Also this is not the thing came overnite. DEMOLITION formed back in 1996! The guys came together by different local acts you will never hear anything about. The muscians themselfes mixed together to explote and DEMOLITION was born. By this time the band practices very often and the results of the rehearsals is a demo tape which the band spread very well back in Austria to become DEMOLITION a well known name there.

Several line up changes were made during the years, but with every one done, the band become more a might! The efforts lead finally to 17th of October the first concert of DEMOLITION, which represents the beginning of a set of club appearances, which could all together successfully be completed. In the Jaenner 98 the rehearsals for the planned first CD "... In The Beginning", begun carefully! But there were dark clouds over DEMOLITION. Discussions and endless discussions cannot solve the problem and unrest within the group continue to increase. With an appearance one becomes acquainted with PETER MUSCH, the front man of the local band CORRUPT, and is more than impressed of its being able. With a tape meeting one decides to take up contact with him and calls to already on the next day at home. The discussion runs promisingly and likewise a sample following on it. Since accommodation and datedate dates are fixed, one is to be decided forced in the front man affair fast and so one separates from member Uwe. PETER MUSCH takes over thus starting from 28th of January 1998 from now on singing and also rhythm guitar. February 98 goes DEMOLITION, after hastily led samples to take up to the JACK DANIELS STUDIO over "... to the beginning ". The short term conversions within that tape let the fear arise start not to go sufficient prepared to the work but this proves fast as unfounded. With application and concentration the accommodations will become led and the Songs without problems brought in.

On 26th of May those appears CD in the shelves and DEMOLITION shared the stage as often as possible, not just with locl acts, see the list above to get an idea back, what these guys played yet! At this time contacts are attached to various labels and selling companies and found with Hellion Records and METAL MERCHANT energetic partners for the selling in Germany. Now it was 16th of January 1999 and the band set up a short break to collect idead for new hymns which will break your neck!

Now the band went on the road together with Overkill and Annihilator and these shows were very sucessful, not just boring or something, no DEMOLITION went on stage and thrashed around like a hurricane and the fans of the both headliners liked DEMOLITION, this was a big welcome for the maniacs! In October 99 DEMOLITION went into a small studio to record the pre-production of "Out Of Noland" which presents DEMOLITION better than ever, more stronger, more melodic, just perfect. The recordings for the album versions will be done in Fall 2000, so looking forward in spring 2001 to a great records from a band which will blow you away!

DEMOLITION - this is nothing for wimps or looser, this is real Thrash Metal (in the melodic vein as sid above a few times) from hard stuff maniacs for real hard stuff maniacs!



Current Members:
Hans-Peter Rapp : bass 1996- Freund Hein
Peter Musch : vocals, guitar 1998-
Thomas Pippersteiner : guitar 1996-
Tom Kräutner : drums 1996-

Former Members:
Uwe H. Kurz : vocals, guitar 1997-1998


... in the beginning CD 1998 DN Records
Out Of Noland CD 2001 Gutter Records