Demolition - Existence
Reviewed by Thodoris on 2004/11/10

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Twilight Vertrieb Records
  1. Third Of Nine
  2. Necromancer
  3. Mankindís Bleeding
  4. Thermal Detonation
  5. Draining Blood
  6. Burned To Ashes
  7. Betrayer
  8. Discover The Light
  9. Hypnotized Fall
  10. No Regrets

Thomas Pippersteiner - Guitars
Wolf Sussenbeck - Vocals
Hans-Peter Rapp - Bass
Tom Krautner - Drums

Now this is what I call a pleasant surprise! I didnít know what to expect from Demolition, a strange band to me and I suppose to most of you out there. Searching though carefully enough through the albumís booklet, I couldnít believe my eyes when I saw that these guys have shared stage with some of the most legendary names in the Thrash Metal field such as Testament, Destruction, Kreator, Sodom and many, many other great bands. So I assumed that there was something big goiní on under my nose that deserved a closer look.

The Austrian Demolition is a band totally faithful to the Thrash music style. Whether it is hailing from bay area, or navigated by the holy German Thrash triad, these guys seem to live and breathe by this specific music. And the fact that they arenít glued to one certain "school" and they mix up elements from each of those makes their music even more interesting and remarkable. The point here isnít novelty, besides Thrash was always a musical style fairly "limited", as far as experimentation is concerned, but a satisfactory output of those already been taught and well performed with a necessary dose of personality so as to not speak of shameless copying.

Though Demoliton seem to be more close to the European (and the German specifically) Thrash school, and to bands like Kreator (mainly) and Destruction (partly), theyíve also embodied the American touch in their music with cardinal references being Testament and Metallica (note: yes Yiannis, before they got kidnapped by aliens back in 1992). Their guitarist has very good ideas and Iím not surprised that he is the main song composer along with Tom Krautner. He has written many good riffs and stunning lead parts that will surely give you a reason to rock along your head and the drum pace wonít leave your mighty air-baguettes untouched!

The only sad thing in all this is the weak production that weakens the songs somehow. I donít know whether it was their choice to do it this way or if they had some sort of limited budget, but I have the feeling that a better, tighter sound would be an advantage.

An unexpectedly worthy effort by Demolition, a band that has intensively studied all the soundís parchments and really knows the path that theyíve chosen. I boldly recommended it to the Thrash fans knowing that such qualitative genreís releases are in a scarcity these days and I strongly believe that they wonít disappoint you. Thrash on!