Demolition is a 4 piece Thrash Metal band from Vienna,Austria and born in 1996. actually formed by drummer Tom Kräutner and guitar player Thomas Pippersteiner. Their goal was to play MelodicThrash Metal and started right away with the search of other musicians interested in that sort of Metal. Shortly after, bassist Peter Rapp and Peter Musch serving both vocals and rhythm guitars joined the first Demolition line-up. A debut album "In The Beginning" was recorded on their own label DN Records two years after the day of birth. In no time, a thousand copies were sold which shows that Demolition was more than just a regular Thrash band. Great start for the guys and they received lots of opportunities to open up both national as well as international Metal acts like: Dio, Overkill, Mercyful Fate, Nevermore, Girlschool, Kreator, Manowar, Annihilator and many, many others! They walked several stages so far and thrashed like hell with in the front a thousands of headbanging Metal maniacs. To please all those fans, the band decided to record a new album in the year 2000. They signed a deal with Gutter Records, a division of German Massacre Records under the wings of producer Milos Dolesal. The band went to his record studio somewhere in the southern part of the Czech Republic. Name of the new album was "Out Of Noland" featuring some guest musicians like Styma IV's Ritchie Krenmaier and the album came out  in 2001. The results  were great and the songs became stronger and more powerfull than before. Two releases below their belts and a third hit was on the way. During the writings of songs for the new album, vocalist Peter Musch left the band and was replaced by Wolf shortly after. He was acting like an aggressive singer in another band called Darkside. He joined the band and added some more power and aggression to the new songs which were finally recorded in 2003 at the Studio Exponent (Hypnos, Krabathor, Darkside) in Slovakia. Titles of the new album is "Existence", released through Twilight and i'm sure this is gonna be one a the most impressive Thrash revelations at the moment. The developing of a strong and powerfull but talented Metal unit is nothing but the truth. Total Thrash Metal inspired by the mighty Bay Area scene from many years ago. New singer in the vein of Kreator's Mille, Schmier from Destruction and similarities with mighty Chuck Schuldiner, this can go wrong! Ten songs, full of aggression and speed recorded in very good conditions which led to an absolutely joyful Thrash Metal album. Awesome guitar riffs and solo's with a thunderous bass, surrounded by heavy steel pounding drums. You can feel the band's aggression right from the start, so prepare yourself for more than 45 minutes of neckbreaking, old school minded Thrash Metal. Demolition definitely keeps the 80s scene alive and goddamn kickin' which i praise very much. Real thrashers can order the album at the following addresses: or  Just doit!!   MY POINTS: 90 / 100