DEMOLITION   «Existence»    
Twilight Vertrieb


Demolition is an old-school thrash metal act from Vienna (Austria) that gathered in years ago (in 1996 if you feel any kind of interest for this kind of information). The band already released two full-lengths. The first one «…In The Beginning» was released through DN Records and its successor titled «Out Of Noland» through the Massacre sub-label Gutter Records. As a matter of fact and this is something you can immediately hear on «Existence», Demolition are no newcomers in the german / austrian metal scene. As said, «Existence» finds a band playing old school thrash metal music that reminded me instantly of a kind of encounter between Kreator / Destruction with the most popular bay-area mid-eighties acts (Testament, Exodus, The Legacy, Griffin…). Moshable simplistic rockin’ thrash metal, very old school and with a larger dose of energy than usual… this is guaranteed to make you bang your head.