Demolition - Existence (DN Records/Twilight)

Album Line Up
Wolf : vocals
Thomas : guitars
Hans : bass
Tom : drums

For sure this band will demolish your house if you hear their latest album in the highest volume of your stereo! Demolition comes from Austria, the land of the great Pungent Stench.... Demolition some months ago, released their third album "Existence" through their own label DN Records. Also back in 1998 the band released their debut album and after three years their second one and after three years again... their third one!

So we will wait another three years for a new album? Oh my God, I don't know if we can wait (maybe we can...), because simply these guys are incredible. They deliver pure thrash metal with some death metal elements in their music. Here you can hear great guitar solos, fast drum parts and some really extreme and guttural vocals (arghh!). Also, they have a controversial cover but I don't know if it is their idea or their artist idea.

Of course after two albums, the production is very good and the sound too. I don't know if they will add something new to the scene but for sure it worth's for the fans of European thrash metal. You like Destruction, Sodom, Kreator? Do look more in this review, just go and buy this album.

Antonis Maglaras

Track list:

1. Third of Nine
2. Necromancer
3. Mankind's Bleeding
4. Thermal Detonator
5. Draining Blood
6. Burned To Ashes
7. Betrayer
8. Discover The Light
9. Hypnotized Fall
10. No Regrets