Reviewed by Manuel on November 6, 2004.

DEMOLITION was put together back in '96 with the idea of forming a melodic thrash metal band. Two years later their debut album "… In The Beginning" was released - as well as distributed by own label DN Records - and looking at the numbers of selling (1000 CD's) it indicated potential. Due to this underground acknowledgement, great opportunities took place quite soon in the beginning. Opening for various (inter)national fucks - such as ANNIHILATOR, DESTRUCTION, DEW-SCENTED, HOLY MOSES, KREATOR, OVERKILL, MANOWAR, MERCYFUL FATE, SAXON and SODOM - were a few to mention. This list goes on… It's no surprise the reputation of DEMOLITION went sky high at that time, but it's also deserved thanks to the dedication of the band. The only change within the line-up ever took place just before preparations of the third album on the screams. "Existence" is the title of this release and was recorded at Studio Exponent last year.

No bull shit! Raw distorted guitars and a suitable tempo comes forth to introduce DEMOLITION' latest. The similarity of the production of IN FLAMES' "The Jester Race" came to mind when the first passages flew by. This means extremely well balanced instruments with a heavy dose of quite the same style of them Swedes. Coming back to the sound aspect, both the solo guitar and the snare could've used small boost in volume when listening to "Existence" over and over again, but this is just a minor con. 'Third Of Nine' impressiveness is set back as the next track begins. More aggressive paste is put in DEMOLITION' work of art called 'Necromancer'. You can relate this to the old school thrash styles of SODOM and KREATOR. A short passage of some WWII glorious national marching is put at the end. Austria is close to the Germans border aye! When looking at the rest of the setlist, these two main influences are at hand on "Existence". More terrorizing assaults are without a doubt 'Mankind's Bleeding', 'Thermal Detonator' and 'No Regrets'. These babies should be heard live to ram each other to pulp. Furthermore, the nice booklet unfolds the band' feeling towards modern society and that of course always interesting. A typical TESTAMENT point of view when reading the lyrics.

Mature thrash music, which has great structure and variety to keep the sphere interesting throughout the album. Supervised by powerful amps and bonecrushing drums "Existence" present DEMOLITION 2004. Next year DEMOLITION will be performing on several festivals around their lands. This is definitely a band worthy enough a witness live and therefore advise is given to check their website out if they will have a blast near your hometown.