Reviewed by Vincent on November 17, 2002.
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When in 1996 Power Metal band HAPPL disbanded, members Thomas Pippersteiner and Tom Kräutner decided to pursue their Metal careers and formed DEMOLITION. Completed by Hans-Peter Rapp and, since 1998, Peter Musch, the band recorded their first self-produced album "...In The Beginning" in 1998.

Unlike the style of their former project, DEMOLITION plays Thrash Metal, similar to legendary acts from neightbouring country Germany. Each of the tracks of "...In The Beginning" harbours the essential and typical power that good Thrash Metal should contain. While the guitars work mainly based on chord riffs (both fast and slower but grooving passages), there are also plenty of solos woven through the songs, as well as some melodic lines. This is all in fine condition, but unfortunately for me, I have an issue with the vocals. My main problem with the Thrash Metal bands I heard have always been the vocals. In most cases I find the semi-clean vocals to lack diversity, and not fitting to the heavy and fast music. Although I can still listen to the majority of the bands, I find that the vocals of DEMOLITION are much too monotonous. This is not always a huge problem when you listen to an album a few times, but upon repeated listens this grows to be an annoying element. Of course it is entirely a personal matter whether you like a vocalist or vocal style...

Although DEMOLITION has a fantastic closer in "Follow The Firm", I'm not entirely satisfied with this album, mostly due to the vocals. For a first release this is pretty good though, and definitely recommendable for Thrash Metal fans.


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Demolition  (Austria)
Created on November 17, 2002 by Vincent
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Thrash Metal

DEMOLITION hailing from Austria are not just another boring band in this landscape of metal. DEMOLITION is the attack, bring the aggression of pure Thrash Metal with the melodic aspect of Heavy Metal together. Therefor, I am not alone with these oppinion. Or what you think is band, released a self financed Demo-CD yet (which is very impressive...
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Hans-Peter Rapp - Bass
Other bands: Freund Hein
Peter Musch - Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Pippersteiner - Guitar
Tom Kräutner - Drums

Former members:
Uwe H. Kurz - Vocals, Guitar

... In The Beginning 1998 CD
DN Records
Out Of Noland 2001 CD
Gutter Records
1. Dry Your Tears
2. Something You See
3. Sick To Loose
4. Hiding From Tomorrow
5. Follow The Firm 

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