Reviewed by Vincent on November 19, 2002.
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The DEMOLITION continues 3 years after their debut album “… In The Beginning” with the second effort, “Out Of Noland". With an unchanged line-up, it’s the perfect moment to see how the band evolved over the past few years…

And that evolution is impressive! Where the decent “…In The Beginning” lacked some variation and was a bit hampered by the, to me, annoying vocals, DEMOLITION appears much more mature on “Out Of Noland”. Sure, the vocals more or less remain the same (ok, there are some additional growls compared to the debut), but the use of guest vocalists adds another dimension. Imagine this like BIOHAZARD-like clean vocals in the background during choruses, Power Metal vocals (by Ritchie Krenmaier) on the song “Sacred”, and use of classical vocals (think THERION) on “Hate Inside”. But not only changes in the vocal department can be found, the song writing itself has also gained a new dimension, featuring much more variations in pace, as well as Power Metal-ish passages. Of course the main slice remains the intense Thrash Metal off the debut, which also shows progression: Although songs are still based around 2 or 3 chord riffs, it seems to be a bit catchier than before. Highlights of the album include previously mentioned “Sacred” and “Hate Inside”, but also the more direct Thrash songs “Demolition” and “I’m The Eye”.

Some points of criticism? Not really, of course my issues with the vocals are not over, but it doesn’t bother me as much as on the debut recording. Overall I think this is a good step forward, and if DEMOLITION continues to progress like they have showed so far, this will be a band to watch out for in the future!! Untill that time, “Out Of Noland” is a strong album that many people should be able to enjoy!

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Demolition  (Austria)
Created on November 17, 2002 by Vincent
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Thrash Metal

DEMOLITION hailing from Austria are not just another boring band in this landscape of metal. DEMOLITION is the attack, bring the aggression of pure Thrash Metal with the melodic aspect of Heavy Metal together. Therefor, I am not alone with these oppinion. Or what you think is band, released a self financed Demo-CD yet (which is very impressive...
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Hans-Peter Rapp - Bass
Other bands: Freund Hein
Peter Musch - Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Pippersteiner - Guitar
Tom Kräutner - Drums

Former members:
Uwe H. Kurz - Vocals, Guitar

... In The Beginning 1998 CD
DN Records
Out Of Noland 2001 CD
Gutter Records
1.  Out Of Noland
2.  Awake
3.  Scared
4.  Demolition
5.  Line Of Fire
6.  Hate Inside
7.  The Untamed
8.  Renegade
9.  I’m The Eye
10. Another Nice Day
11. C.B.A.

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